Top 10 Car Racing Games For Android Mobiles

top 10 android car games

Whenever you have some down time, and find yourself looking for a distraction, racing games are a great way to pass the time on your Android device. The latest games rival their PC and console gaming counterparts in graphics, action and selection of cars. If you need to add some new diversions to your phone or tablet, these are some of the best choices available for driving game apps.

Real Racing 3

real racing 3 game

This is currently the acknowledged top dog of Android racing, and it’s easy to see why. The graphics and simulation capabilities in Real Racing 3 will stand next to nearly any full-fledged PC or console racing game. It looks so good that it’s hard to believe this game is an Android app. It shows in the download, too, requiring over 1.7GB of space.

The game features more than 45 manufacturer-licensed cars, and races offer a field of 22 drivers, all of whom can be actual people. The action takes place on real-life raceways from around the world, and features not only upgrades, but also persistent damage to the cars. The Mint gaming engine provides real-time reflections, a full complement of rear-view mirrors and much more.

>> Download Real racing 3

Need for Speed Shift

need for speed shift mobile game

The Need for Speed franchise has always been one of the leaders in the racing genre on every gaming platform. Shift, a new version of the game for Android, is a worthy successor to the line. The game includes 20 licensed cars, among them models from BMW, Pagani and Lamborghini. Eighteen different tracks are located in real cities like Tokyo, Chicago and London. Lots of upgrades to cars and all kinds of customizations will have you abusing your Android device for weeks.

This is one of the most realistic and exciting racing games available on the Android platform, and with the long-term success of the Need for Speed franchise, that’s hardly surprising. The experience of this development team is on display with every detail of the game. Skid marks, smoke, tight competition and gorgeous cars provide that much needed dose of speed to suit your need.

>> Download Need For Speed Shift

Asphalt 7: Heat

asphalt 7 heat mobile game

The latest version of Asphalt, called Heat, takes the series to new heights with amazing graphics and stunning action. The game offers 60 licensed cars from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin and others, and even includes the legendary DeLorean. This is a hard series to beat, and has a reputation for difficulty that will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment once you finally master it. Both the graphics and the physics are first-rate, and the game will provide hours of immersive racing fun.

>> Download Asphalt 7: Heat

Off-road Legends

offroad legends mobile game

This wild, mind boggling adventure features hardcore off-road racing with four classes of vehicles.

• 4×4 desert racing trucks
• Behemoths, which have six-wheel drive
• Fun cars
• Monster trucks

This game offers three different racing modes on 56 tracks. Real time physics and the ability to dent and damage vehicles are just more of the fun. Offroad Legends also includes leaderboards, achievement listings and more. All of the tracks are quite challenging, and the scenery is convincingly realistic. The different vehicles will provide a wide variety of challenges to your driving skills by the time you master all four classes.

>> Download Offroad Legends

Death Rally

death rally mobile game

Death Rally has been played by over 11 million gamers from around the world, and is one of the most downloaded Android apps available. The best thing about this game is that it’s free, in spite of great graphics and sophisticated gameplay. You can power up your ride by purchasing upgrades for both the vehicle and its weapons. Created by the award-winning development team that brought you the Alan Wake and Max Payne games for the PC, this is one hair-raising ride. Blast your ride down the highways and byways as you try to pound your competitors into oblivion.

This is the perfect game to take out your frustrations with the daily commute. Are you getting tired of that guy who’s always blocking your attempts to change lanes? Blow that jerk off the road. You know you want to.

>> Download Death Rally

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

need for speed most wanted mobile game

Another game in the Need for Speed series makes the list with Most Wanted. This is a frantic chase game where you need to evade the police, who aren’t especially happy with your high-speed antics. Most Wanted offers a number of exotic licensed cars including the Viper SRT, Porsche 911 and plenty of others.

While trying to pull off a win in the street racing, you are going to catch the attention of the police, and the stress levels escalate very quickly from there. Most Wanted not only has gorgeous graphics and great physics play, it’s also a cross-platform game, allowing worldwide competition between gamers on Android, gaming consoles and PCs.

>> Download Need For Speed Most Wanted

Hauler Challenge

hauler challenge mobile game

Developed by Daimler Trucks, this game is based on an unusual idea. While NASCAR figures into the racing, it’s not your average “good ole boys” on an oval track. In this case, the racing vehicles are Freightliner semi-trucks, which are manufactured by Daimler Trucks.

These trucks are the car haulers for NASCAR racing teams, and the action takes place on the American highway system as the teams try to beat each other across the country to the next track. Starting in Phoenix, the teams try to outmaneuver, outdrive and outrun each other to Homestead, Florida for bragging rights. Great graphics and an interesting idea make for a “must-have” addition to any Android racing stable.

>> Download Hauler Challenge

Mini Motor Racing

mini motor racing mobile game

This great little time-waster is a refreshing departure from normal racing games, featuring an isometric view, instead of the standard chase camera or overhead perspective. Your car and the rest of the pack duke it out on a series of dirt tracks. The action includes launching off the whoops and jumps, drifting the berms and generally beating the heck out of each other. Between races, the cars level up, and receive upgrades to various systems on the car. The vehicles and artwork are imaginative and unique. It’s always good to see a development team try out something different, instead of simply following the leader.

Additional, special themed tracks and cars are available once you manage to earn the highly customized, official Fruit Ninja vehicle, to further enhance the already frantic and challenging gameplay. Some of the many vehicles included are very cool, like the hot rod, big rig and school bus, and many other track terrors are available for the choosing. Over 20 tracks provide a wide variety of racing conditions, including day and night racing, as well as a variety of weather.

>> Download Mini Motor Racing

Fast and Furious 6: The Game

fast and furious 6 mobile game

Bring the excitement of the Fast and Furious movie series to your Android with this exciting and visually stunning racing app. You’ll go up against a gang of driving mercenaries, drifting, racing and completing missions related to the street racing shenanigans of the London depicted in the movie. This game features a whole host of licensed vehicles, from muscle cars of yesteryear to modern exotic supercars. The artwork and design presented in the game is superb, and the action is fast-paced.

You can collect your rides in a virtual garage and tune them, customize them and upgrade them to extreme levels of performance, in your quest to become London’s fastest street racer. In a twist on the concept of tribes that is commonly seen in many role-playing games, Fast and Furious 6 lets you join “crews” to take on teams of drivers to earn your own spot on the leaderboard. In “heist” missions, you can earn lumps of extra cash to buy the next big upgrade for your ride. The game also features a tournament play mode, allowing individuals to separate themselves from the pack and earn bragging rights.

>> Download Fast and Furious 6: The Game

Beach Buggy Blitz

beach buggy blitz mobile game

In this delightful little diversion, you race beach buggies across a procedurally generated infinite landscape. No two races are ever the same, and the action is relentless. There are lots of different cars, paint jobs and drivers. The game is a refreshingly silly break from the usual white-knuckles driving simulations that take themselves so seriously. Built in a charming cartoon style, the gameplay is lightning fast and consistently entertaining.

The environment is highly challenging and features destructible buildings, active waterfalls and beautiful artwork. The cars are engaging and original, with fully active suspension to take full advantage of the constantly changing terrain. The tracks feature huge jumps, spectacular wipeouts and lots of wheel-to-wheel fender-crunching duels with your fellow racers. Collect coins, drift the corners, manage the rough terrain and power up your speed and acceleration to outrun your opponents.

If your device is Quad-Core equipped, the game’s graphics engine takes full advantage of the available power, offering sophisticated effects like motion blur, lens flares, real-time shadows and dynamic headlight effects in the many caves and tunnels. One unique approach to the game allows you to log into Google and sync the leaderboard with other players. You can also hold racing tournaments with your circles on Google Plus. Beach Buggy Blitz is easy to learn, challenging to master, and entertaining all the way through.

>> Download Buggy Blitz

Do you guys have any favourite Android racing car games that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments and we might even add it in ;P


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