8 Of The Best Unity 3D Racing Car Games Online

best unity 3d racing car games

Unity 3D is poised to take over the realm of online gaming, filling the niche between fast and easy Flash games and complex, installation-required PC games. It’s a robust environment with plenty of options to program games of all types, including our favorite: car games. If you like games where you control a car, whether it’s racing, off-road or stunt driving, this list has something for you. Check out the eight best Unity 3D racing games available today or you can also take a look at our full list of Unity 3D car games here; http://cargames.org.uk/unity-3d-car-games/

1. Traffic Slam Arena

traffic slam arena 3d game

With graphics that would be at home on modern handhelds, Traffic Slam Arena is all demolition derby, all the time. The kickin’ rock music and roaring engines set the tone for a no holds barred smash fest. Drive and survive, smash apart the enemy drivers and collect powerups along the way. Don’t forget about property damage, as it all helps you rack up cash for your much-needed repairs after the derby.

Use the cash you earn from winning races and eliminating drivers to repair your car after each race. With any cash you have left over, you can purchase a variety of upgrades to make your car more dangerous and more resilient. Upgrade the wheels, armor, paint, engine and nitro, or buy a new car entirely. Don’t forget to take on missions to unlock those parts to begin with! You’ll have hours of car-wrecking fun with a range of career missions and side missions.

>> Play Traffic Slam Arena

2. Lose The Heat 3

lose the heat 3

Another fine entry by A10 games, Lose the Heat 3 is a fantastic driving game. Your goal is simple. Out race, out wit and out drive the police bent on your destruction. As you progress through the tracks, police will come from all sides, laying roadblocks and trying to ram you into map borders to destroy your vehicle. You must avoid them and make it to the finish line; otherwise, it’s the end for you.

Undoubtedly, your car will be damaged with all this destructive driving. Hit the repair powerups along the way to hold yourself together on your race. Hit burning circles to destroy nearby vehicles and obstacles, like overpasses and police blockades. Rack up points from cash grabs and vehicle destruction. If you need assistance along the way when things get tough, call in your backup truck and drive a beastly semi that shrugs off all attempts at pursuit. Beware when the police throw caution to the wind and start calling in helicopters and setting up rockets on overpasses!

>> Play Lose The Heat 3

3. Raptor Safari

raptor safari 3d game

Are you one of those people who watched Jurassic Park when you were a kid and thought, you know, running those raptors down in a jeep sounds like fun? No? Well, now you just might wish you were! Raptor Safari is a game about scoring points in as many brutal, spectacular ways as possible. Collect orbs and push crates full of delicious raptor byproduct into the exporters. Run down raptors with your jeep, leap a hill and land on them or release your spiked ball and swing it into them. Get huge air on the energy-collecting ramps scattered around the safari zone.

As you play, you earn achievements for your various skills in racking up points. Collect orbs in sequence for bonus score. Take out all the raptors in the area one after another for multipliers. Push all the crates into exporters to rack up hundreds of thousands of points. All in a large, open-world environment impressive for a browser game. Sign in to save your scores!

>> Play Raptor Safari

4. Overtorque Stunt Racing

overtorque stunt racing

Stunts are fun to perform in any sports setting. Games like SSX take high-flying stunts to the snowboarding arena. Overtorque Stunt Racing brings these same high-flying acrobatics to the world of car racing. Hit ramps and stunt markers, get crazy air and twist your car for epic stunts.

Overtorque provides a unique control system for your car when you’re in the air. Rather than your engine powering wheels that do nothing, it powers a unique system that allows you to twist, roll and spin in mid-air. Epic tricks earn you boost and cash, allowing you to upgrade your car for even better stunts in future races. Play in race mode, time attack hot dog mode, free roam or competitive interceptor mode for days of destructive, acrobatic vehicular entertainment. The sky isn’t even the limit for a specced out stunt car like the one you get to control.

>> Play Overtorque Stunt Racing

5.Traffic Talent

traffic talent game

Traffic Talent shows that truly, the rules of traffic are universal. Though you may not understand the language — the game is untranslated and written in Dutch — you can still learn the rules. Don’t speed. Signal when you want to turn or merge. Don’t hit trees, pedestrians, other cars, boxes, buildings or other obstacles.

Okay, so Traffic Talent may not be the most exciting driving game. There are no high-flying acrobatics or weapons to fire at other vehicles. You can’t bounce off a wall and keep driving. You have to obey the rules of the road. Even though you’re limited in what you can do, that’s okay.

Traffic Talent is part of an interesting European phenomenon. It is a small, Unity 3D based version of an entire line of realistic driving simulator games that are incredibly popular in Germany, among other areas. Everything is as realistic as possible, down to the exact city streets, traffic patterns and buildings. It’s not a game for everyone, but someone will enjoy it for hours.

>> Play Traffic Talent

6. Offroad Rage

offroad rage

Another fantastic off-road racing game from AGame, Offroad Rage has beautiful graphics, distinct maps and fast-paced game play that will leave you wanting more no matter how often you play it.

In addition to the standard WASD driving controls and nitro boost, Offroad Rage throws something new into the mix — weapons! That’s right; you’re no longer limited simply to ramming your opponents over cliffs and into walls. You can fight back proactively without damaging your own vehicle. Every vehicle comes equipped with a turret that shoots rockets, and you would do well to demolish the enemy before they do the same to you.

A word of caution — be sure to play the game in full screen mode. It’s more beautiful seen in higher resolution, and your turret aim is done via the mouse, making it incredibly easy to click outside the game and lose your lead in seconds.

>> Play Offroad Rage

7. Chevrolet Rapid Hurricane

chevrolet rapid hurricane

This is another game with a foreign language implementation, but the language of fast cars is universal. Pick a track, either normal mode or inverted — backwards — and off you go. Sign up with a username and e-mail to keep track of your scores and participate in worldwide high score lists.

In this game, you don’t have to worry about damage to your car. You have nitro, but make sure you use it sparingly before you know the layout of the tracks. Why? The only thing that can stop you on your laps is flying over a ramp and ending up out of bounds. If this happens, you aren’t simply reset on the track and told to keep going! No, your goal is a perfect run, so if you crash out of bounds, you’re immediately reset.

With high jumps, loops and tunnels, there are plenty of shortcuts to experience and tricks to decrease your time. Time your nitro right and you’ll be sure to set a high score.

>> Play Chevrolet Rapid Hurricane

8. Gas and Sand

gas and sand 3d game

Forget those road racers. Forget running circles around a track. Forget racking up carnage and damage with weapons and powerups. In Gas and Sand, it’s just you, a dirt track and the need for speed. Well, and a few other races, but you should quickly leave them in the dust.

Cover a variety of maps and tracks against racers of all skill levels. Put the pedal to the metal and leave nothing but dust in your wake. There’s nothing sweeter than pulling ahead of the competition. Blast through the Colosseum, travel the lava-filled tunnels beneath and don’t forget your nitro.

Unlike many of the racers on this list, remember that you’ll want to use the arrow keys by default. Double-tap forward to activate nitro and don’t be afraid to use it. It regenerates over time so you’re assured a fresh supply.

>> Play Gas and Sand

With such a robust selection of games available online, how can you play anything else? You have hours of car driving fun at your fingertips! Do you have any games you think that should of made the list? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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